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I'm Gina Hendrix and I have been a trusted matchmaker for over a decade. I don't know what's worse, doing life all alone OR dating a sh*tty guy?
After listening to countless women cry their eyes out and complain about not being able to find great guys on the dating apps (or anywhere really), I decided to do something. So, I created this 5 Step Formula to not only take the guesswork out of how to properly screen these guys but to also screen for those men that just aren't worth your time at all. By using my formula, you will be able to create your very own screening system so that you will no longer be wasting time on men, who will frustrate you, who drag their feet, toy with you, and put in no real effort, on the dating apps or even in the real world! So, if you want to put an end to all of that nonsense RIGHT NOW, then grab your free report, and start raising your standards immediately. And as a bonus, I am going to also send you, in an email, a cheat sheet from the "players handbook"---and once you read it, if he isn't a good guy, you will always recognize the red flags--word for word. Men are so predictable, that once you learn to spot his "moves," you will NEVER get played again.

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